Hot Oil is Hot

My mother left for India almost a month ago. The public reason for this is because most of my family intend to settle there, and she’s playing point in this instance. But we all know the real reason is because she cant put up with my brother’s healthy living habits anymore. It’s disgusting.

Anyway, during this time I’ve had to deal with my share of the domestic duties. During my mother’s previous trips, I had mastered the art of using the washing machine. This time, I had to wrestle with my demons in the kitchen.

The first task was to learn how to make coffee. In no time at all I learned that it was not a good idea to put your finger in the thermos to see whether it was hot. It usually is. After many tries, I got the coffee, milk, sugar and water mix right. During this time my coffee traveled through the whole spectrum of color usually reserved for human skin tones. It finally managed to settle on a central Indian color. I assume people from Hyderabad have that complexion.

The next lesson was not to fry stuff with my t shirt off. I quickly learned that burning oil is hot. This may not come as a surprise to most, but I think this lesson needed to be burned into me. The reason I didn’t wear a t shirt was because I didn’t want to get oil on my t shirt. In hindsight, I don’t think I thought this out completely. Since then, I have moved on to making curries and the risk of making an insurance claim for second degree burns have abated somewhat.

My curry making skills are improving by leaps and bounds. Even still, I’m restricted to chicken curry and bread most days. On special days, I have Maggie noodles. On Sunday’s I leech off the food the siblings or my dad makes. This is a risky business because my dad’s food can go either way. You never know till you have a taste and by then it’s too late. Generally, it’s quite good though.

The weirdest thing through all of this is my craving for vegetables. On the weekends, when I go out for dinner, I usually eat the salad before I get into the meats. Unheard of behavior in my case!

In any case, life marches on. I am getting used to my new routine and am coping with the changing lifestyle. Expect more of ’Cooking with John’.

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I'm a xx year(can't be bothered to change it every year) old wannabe programmer living in Sri Lanka. The posts mostly contain stories of how I see the world. Usually skewed.
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2 Responses to Hot Oil is Hot

  1. Jerry says:

    The craving for vegetables is probably your body telling you you’re about to get scurvy.

  2. hah ha ha! I lost it at “It finally managed to settle on a central Indian color.”

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