I’ve launched a new blog :]

Yeah so, here it is : RandomCoding.Com

I haven’t added any content yet. It’s a development blog so most people might not find it useful. Anyhoo, all comments, criticisms are welcome. 

Also, does anyone know how long the inactive period is before kottu kicks you off the list?

About John

I'm a xx year(can't be bothered to change it every year) old wannabe programmer living in Sri Lanka. The posts mostly contain stories of how I see the world. Usually skewed.
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4 Responses to I’ve launched a new blog :]

  1. Jerry says:

    Why, that’s an AWESOME header graphic…

  2. Will Roe says:

    Good one John! I have subscribed to both blogs, no pressure :) Have fun

  3. Manning says:

    در 4:02 pmamir میگوید:be narzae man rabete ghable ezdevaj hamuntori ke tu maghale gofte shode age control shode bashe be joft taraf komak mikone badan zendegie behtari dashte basham

  4. Julian says:

    That’s not even 10 minetus well spent!

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