Something About CEPA Photography Exhibition

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I'm a xx year(can't be bothered to change it every year) old wannabe programmer living in Sri Lanka. The posts mostly contain stories of how I see the world. Usually skewed.
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5 Responses to Something About CEPA Photography Exhibition

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  2. Geoffrey says:

    It’s much easier to undrestand when you put it that way!

  3. Your’s is the intelligent approach to this issue.

  4. Defi says:

    Hej Camilla!Gle6delig jul! ville bare sige, at din bog ser se5 godt ud! tillykke med den! ogse5 til Morran! Kan ikke lade ve6re med at te6nke at Rufus burde fe5 sin egen bog ogse5 -det burde de flstee… me5ske er det en god julegave ide…

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